Why Loners Can Make The Best Friends (or Partners)

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We live in a world that puts a lot of emphasis on social rituals such as going out in public, having a drink with friends and family, playing sports or doing group activities.

And for sure they are all necessary in maintaining our mental and physical health as studies have shown that a strong social circle and support network are the best protection one can have against illness, depression and could be the greatest indicator of happiness.

However, as it turns out, loners might make the best friends or partners for the following reasons:

1. Their happiness stems from internal stimuli.

Since their happiness stems from inside and they are less prone to seek external validation, you won’t be feeling the pressure to always put your best foot forward and be interesting at all time.

They are the friends who’ll accept you as you are and who you can spend hours simply contemplating life with. Your company will always be enough around them.

2. They always seek growth.

One misconception is that loners choose to be alone because they are uncomfortable in social contexts. However in most cases, they are simply people who are so focused on their own personal growth that they have learned early to be careful who or what they grant their attention to.

They are the ones who will always keep pushing you to become a better version of yourself and show support, understanding and wisdom to help you on your own journey.

3. They form deep connections with others.  

Since they are so careful with whom they give their time and energy, you can expect the relationship you build with them to be more meaningful and cherished than the occasional acquaintances you may be familiar with.

They are the friends who can come and go in your life and disappear sometimes for months or years at a time, and connect on a deeper level whenever your paths cross again.

4. Self reflection gives them clarity on what they want. 

If you are unsure about their motivations, their goals or expectations – just ask them. The time spent alone with their thoughts has allowed them to know themselves gain a rare level of clarity about who they are and what they want.

They’ll never leave you in the dark and wondering when it comes to defining your relationship and where you stand in their life.

5. They are simply smarter. 

Don’t just take my word for it.

An intelligent mind encourages intelligent actions. Research has shown that intelligent people tend to spend less time socializing because they are busy working on a long-term objective.

So next time you are out and about and spot a friendly stranger who seems to be keeping a distance, dare to make the first move. You might gain a friend or partner for life.

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