How to use mindfulness to fix a damaged relationship

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It happens.

There wouldn’t be thousands of books on the topic lining the shelves of libraries if it wasn’t common. Relationships fall apart and it’s okay.

Sometimes it’s meant to be and we know deep down that it’s time to move on.

Other times it’s different.

We know that despite our relationship being damaged we need to give it another try. We know that this is something that we shouldn’t walk away from.

And we know our best bet is to first fix our internal mindset.

So how do you fix a relationship using mindfulness?

Slow down.

This goes for your mentality as well as your reality. Start to be observant of how you and your partner interact. Do you still praise them like you first did when you started dating? Do you still take time to be present when they tell you about their day or ask you for an opinion? Have things started moving too fast that these small acts of love have been tossed to the curb?

If you notice that there’s a huge change in the small acts of love that you personally used to perform to your current day acts then that’s a massive hint as to why you might not be feeling the sparks that you used to. When you don’t praise your partner or take time to be present with them it’s hard for them to do to the same likewise.

You may think that it’s on them to start acting this way first but there is a lot more power in personal action than in telling someone to do something/waiting for them to do it.

Figure out their love language.

You unconsciously already know this and were filling them to the brim with love when you first started dating but as time went on and you both became accustomed to each other you might have accidentally stopped doing the things that show them that you love them.

There are five languages and if you can figure out your partners or have them take a short test to find out you can start filling them with love again and in turn they’ll want to express the same love back to you.

Make a list.

Yes, you heard me right. Grab a pen and paper or your Notes app and make a list of three things you want to do everyday for your partner that you know they would enjoy.

It can be as small as sending a “Good morning babe!” text, hugging them as soon as they come in the door, spending an extra hour at their house, helping them with an errand, or buying them a chocolate bar when you go grocery shopping.

When you write things down it makes them become more tangible-it creates an actual sense of prioritization within you to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Make a list of nice things you want to do for your partner and if you’re open to it have them do the same.

Remember the most important part of a relationship is that you both must grow together as you both grow individually. Bringing mindfulness into any relationship is like providing water to a thirsty plant or an animal.

It immediately helps revitalize and rejuvenate what was already there, helping it to thrive and continue to grow stronger and larger every day.

Choose mindfulness to fix a damaged relationship and to fix any other part of your life that is feeling unbalanced and always remember, you’re completely capable of turning this into something beautiful, transformative, and loving for both you and your partner.

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