How Understanding Your Brain Will Change How You Do Everything

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Most of us have no idea.

We have no clue that our brain is made up of two hemispheres that coincide together to create…well, us.

The two hemispheres can be considered the left side of our brain and the right side and while they both work tremendously together they are also quite different from each other.

The most interesting part? We all have a dominant hemisphere that affects how we process information and do everything.

You might wonder why it matters if your dominant in the left or right side of the brain because isn’t a brain just a brain?

Well, it turns out that the simple answer to that question is a strong and resounding no.

Research has shown that the left side of our brain is our analytical and logical side. It’s not emotional and can be considered the “masculine” part of your brain. On the other hand, the right side of our brain is creative and “feminine”, emotional and creative.

At this point you might be thinking right off the bat, “I’m a macho man, I’m clearly left brained” or “I’m an extremely feminine female, I must be right brained” but this is not always the case.

Check it out.

Look at your hand, palm facing away from you and compare your index finger and ring finger and see which is longer. Ring finger longer than your index? Welcome to the left brained club. Index longer than your ring? Come on over to the creative side because you my friend are right brained.

There’s nothing wrong with being a masculine female or a feminine male. It doesn’t mean that you are a strong and robust woman or a flamboyant male – it all ties into how you do things. How you go about conflicts, work, relationships, situations, anything. You can be a “feminine-creative” male and bench 300 pounds and you can be a “masculine-logical” female and be on the front cover of Victoria’s Secret magazine.

It’s all a balance. If you’re “masculine-logic” driven that doesn’t mean you have absolutely no feminine energy, it just means your “masculine-logic” brain dominates your thought process – but the feminine is still there and kicking.

The same goes for the “feminine-creative” – you still have masculine tendencies and strengths, however they will more often be applied in a support-role through your decision making process.

Now of course there is going to be outliers and if you feel so strongly that you are not what your fingers are telling you then you can simply accept that you are an outlier.

You know you best so just like in any situation, listen to your intuition.

So, how did this happen?

Scientific research has been performed showing that the more testosterone that is in the womb while you are growing the longer you ring finger tends to be, while the more estrogen in the womb the longer your index finger.

This is extremely interesting and from a scientific perspective can have tremendous effects on your individual biology as you are a budding baby. If you’re exposed to more testosterone in the womb as your brain is developing, we can only imagine that your growing mind is going to succumb to the effects of testosterone and the same goes for estrogen.

Of course social factors will also play a part in determining how masculine or feminine you are, as some of us have grown up surrounded by estrogen or vice versa, but your finger measurements are a great place to start in identifying where you stand.

How is this useful?

You don’t need to be a scientist to fit all of this knowledge into your daily life and increase your productivity, habits, lifestyle, and relationships. You just have to understand how to use it to your advantage.

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger and you accept that you are more masculine than you are feminine then it is time to re-evaluate. You are going to easily be the most productive by making simple To Do lists-you don’t need highlighters, bright post it notes, or any of that extra fluff. You’ll run best on a schedule because you like to have things organized and running on time.

You’ll probably want to focus more on expressing your feelings to family, friends, and significant others because as a masculine energy driven human you hardly spend time thinking about how you feel. When you interact with feminine energy people, they’ll have a harder time understanding how you’re not as in touch with your emotions and they might think of you as a little cold.

You’ll also fare very well by bringing creativity into your job. You’ll automatically enjoy it more because bringing your masculine and feminine energies together is where we all flourish best.

If your index finger is longer than your ring finger and you feel strongly that you are more feminine inclined than masculine then take a look at how you go about your day. If you’re putting yourself under strict schedules, deadlines, eating habits, and routines you’re probably not happy. Why? Because you like being creative and free spirited. You don’t want a strict regime-you want fluidity and that’s how you’ll be happiest.

Your to do list should have brightly colored highlighter and post it notes. You’re easily in tune with how you’re feeling and you love creating and thinking outside of the box. You’ll fare well from having a job that plays on your masculine energy because like I said before, that’s the convergence where beautiful things are created

I highly suggest reading The Bingo Theory by Mimi Ikonn. She goes into incredible detail about how to incorporate your dominant energy into your life depending on if you are a feminine male, feminine female, masculine male, or masculine female. There’s so much to learn from that book and I can’t stress enough that it’s a game changer (and available on Amazon).

It’s important for us as humans to have a general understanding of our biochemistry. That is how we comprehend what makes us feel a certain way, what we have control over, and what is out of our hands. Luckily, we don’t need an expensive scientific test to figure out if why we’re not as emotional as our spouse or why we aren’t enjoying our job.

The coolest part about this? Everything you need to know is right at the edge of your finger tips.

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