How to start (and keep) your daily gratitude journal

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There’s only one way to start this and that’s with the truth.

I originally had doubts about gratitude journals.

I doubted that they could actually affect my life and my thoughts and I also doubted that I had the time for daily journaling.

Let me tell you that I’m currently LAUGHING at those doubts because I have officially been converted to the gratitude journal lifestyle.

It turns out that yes, it does affect your life and your thoughts and that also yes, I have plenty of time to do it.

It took me one day of doing a gratitude journal to convert me. ONE DAY.

What happened after one day of having a gratitude journal? 

I realized how lucky I was.

I realized how cool I was (humbly speaking).

I realized how badly I wished every person on this planet did the same.

Straight from the source here are the three things I wrote on the fresh white pages of my daily gratitude journal:

  1. Having money in my savings account
  2. Having found my passion
  3. My love for learning and growing

I’ve always been grateful for these things and I knew I was grateful for them yet writing them down did something different.

It made my gratitude real. It wasn’t just a quick thought in my mind that disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

These things became real, tangible actions happening in my life right now that I could look at and say to myself; “Wow. There’s so much more positivity going on for me right now than I had realized.”

When you realize how much is working for you and not just seemingly against you it takes the blinders off.

It makes you love your life and then something magical happens-life loves you back.

How do you start a daily gratitude journal?

There are plenty of awesome gratitude journals out there (my favorite being The Five Minute Journal) that you can purchase for the real deal or you can start with a regular notebook.

It’s simple.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, grab your notebook and write three things that you are grateful for. Yes, that means no Instagram, no Twitter, no Facebook, no texting or checking your emails before you’ve done this.

At first this seemed kind of painful for me but now I refuse to start my day on my phone. I consciously choose to start my day with a pen and paper because I know what a difference it will make in my mindset and overall day. Scrolling through Instagram like the morning paper is old news to me because it has absolutely no positive effects on my mind or day.

It’s also ridiculously fast.

To write in your gratitude journal will take you approximately 2 minutes (and only if you’re feeling especially groggy). So throw the excuse that you don’t have time right out the door along with your morning social media habit and get ready to fall in love with your new habit…and yourself.

I like to make my daily gratitude journal something that I keep myself accountable for.

It’s like eating a good breakfast, working out, or making sure to stay in touch with family and friends. I have to hold myself accountable to it in order to be truly successful at it.

Once you realize the epic benefits of daily gratitude journaling you’ll realize what a disservice it is to yourself (and all those around you) when you skip a day or two.

This is how you keep your daily gratitude journal habit, by realizing that it’s too good for you to stop.

Find the gratitude journal that speaks best to you or make your own and get ready to do as I did and laugh at yourself for not starting this insanely efficient habit of gratitude sooner

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