Simple Ways To Boost Your Intuition With Mindfulness

Boost Your Intuition With Mindfulness

It happened in the blink of an eye. My light turned green and an overwhelming feeling of calm came over me. Time slowed down and my foot refused to leave the break despite that it was my turn to go.

Then it happened. At about forty miles an hour a car came zooming through the four way intersection running their red light and the exact spot I would have been in if I had hit the gas when my light turned green.

That was my first experience with intuition and it changed my life.

Since then I have worked hard to keep that sense of intuition alive in me. I know the value that it can bring into your life (no-seriously) and even more so I want that intuition to be sparked in everybody.

With your intuition comes understanding. There are no doubts or questions about the present moment, there is just understanding that what is is and what will be will be.

It’s an understanding between mind and body that you are both going in the same direction and that you are both in complete understanding of one another.

So, how do we get our intuition to show through mindful actions?

  1. Meditation. Why? It quiets your mind. Your intuition isn’t something that yells and screams from the rooftops everyday of your life (at least mine isn’t.) It can easily be destructed by your ego and by the chaos of everyday routine. Giving your mind clarity through meditation opens the doors of your intuition and allows it to be heard. Keep your mind at peace and your intuition will be able to thrive and really tell you what it is that you need to know.
  2. Exercise. I’m a huge believer in exercising or more so working up a sweat. Hiking, running around with the kids, hard core gym work outs, whatever it is that makes your cheeks rosy. We can’t expect to be able to hear the valuable voice of our intuition over all of the muck that gets stuck inside of our bodies. Work out to get rid of all of the excess energy and to clear up that pathways from your intuition to your mind.
  3. Writing. Now, for some writing might be exactly what you need or for others it might be talking it through. Any act of mindful, conscious expression of thought will lead you straight to your intuition. Writing down or talking through your current thoughts on a tough situation or just life in general can lead you in an impressive loop right back to the original problem but with a new perspective. It’s as if as you express your emotions through writing or talking your ego disintegrates and your intuition takes the reins. It leads you straight to the answer that you probably already knew was the right one and it can save you a lot of pain and suffering.
  4. Self reflection. If you’re normally able to keep a level head while dating but suddenly somebody comes into your life that throws off your balance and doesn’t make you feel good-you’ll realize that this person has taken away your feeling of empowerment through dating. Whether it’s on purpose or not, you need to be able to immediately recognize when somebodies energy isn’t working in your favor. Through self reflection you can open up the channels of your intuition and realize when something is good or bad for you just by seeing how you are reacting to it.
  5. Gratitude journaling. Gratitude journaling shows you what really matters. It’s like taking a sneak peak into your soul and allowing it to do the talking instead of your clumsy ego. When we gratitude journal we find out what things are making positive changes in our lives and from there we start to see the opportunities that are available to have more of these positive changes. Through gratitude journaling we open our perspective and allow our intuition to show us opportunities that we may have missed before.
  6. Mindful eating. Yup, even if you don’t want to hear it it’s the truth. How do you expect your intuition to be able to speak through cheeseburgers, french fries, and milkshakes? Eating fruits and vegetables in abundance is like shining a healing light on to your cells and allowing them to do the job they were meant to do without being slowed down by built up muck from bad foods. The more mindful you eat the more you’ll notice that you feel more connected, focused, and able to hear the voice of intuition inside of yourself.

There are moments in life where intuition takes the wheel (for me this was literally) and we have to be immensely grateful for them-yet we owe it to our intuition to do everything that we can to allow it to shine its light through.

Our intuition is like the cheat code of life-use it to accelerate your way towards your dreams and goals and to help you maneuver your way around tricky situations.

Allow your intuition’s light to shine so that yours can shine that much brighter.

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