The Secret Of Using Positive Affirmations For Success

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There’s a well kept secret going around and it’s the difference between an average life and a great one.

The trick? That you’re keeping the secret from yourself.

Now you’re probably asking me-how in the world can I keep a secret from myself?

The answer is simple. You don’t realize that you’re not allowing yourself to know it.

So what is this so called secret that you are holding yourself back from knowing?

The power of positive affirmations for success.

How are you holding back your own success?

By having unproductive, inefficient, and even sometimes negative thoughts about your life, relationships, and career.

Take a look at these common thoughts:

I hate my job and I hate that I’m stuck working here in order to be able to pay my bills.

I don’t understand why life is giving me such a hard time.

I never have enough money.

I don’t connect with anyone.

I have no clue what I want to do with my life and it’s not fair.

Why are they so much more successful than me?

Why wasn’t I given what that person was given that allowed them to be so successful?

Imagine that one day you were granted the ability to control the weather and the first thing that you did was turn the “storm” switch on. Every day from there on out was pouring rain and there was always obscene amounts of thunder and lightening.

You might say, “I wouldn’t do that. Why would I consciously choose to make everyday stormy, dark, and gloomy?”

In which case, I would have to tell you that you just uncovered the secret.

These common thoughts are what create our perception of everything happening around us.

When we think we are stuck, then we are stuck because we don’t think that there is another option.

When we think we are sad, we stay sad.

When we think we have no money, we have no money.

When we think someone else has it easier than us than we spend all day being mad about how hard it is for us.

It’s like giving one flower dirty, mucky water and another pure, clean water. Which one do you think is going to thrive? Which one do you think will make its mark and blossom?

You can use positive affirmations for success and it’s so easy.

All you have to do is make the conscious decision to hit the “sunny” switch instead of the “storm” switch.

Let’s try these thoughts again:

I hate my job so I’m going to find a new one that suits me better. I am so excited for the new work opportunity coming my way.

I love that life is always supporting me.

Money is always coming to me. I love being able to make enough money to be financially stable.

I am constantly meeting people that I connect with on a deeper level.

I do things everyday that make me happy and they are connecting me with my purpose.

I am as successful as that person.

I am so grateful to have been given everything I need to be a huge success.

Thoughts like these are empowering. They actually make you see an entirely new day to day life. How?

When you decide that you are totally capable, you are intelligent, you are beautiful, and that you are worthy of great things happening to you you’ll suddenly be living a different life.

You’ll accomplish your goals, people will comment on how smart you are, you’ll look in the mirror and love what you see, and great things will come to you.

The best part about using positive affirmations to create success in your life is that the conscious decision to think positively will help you create and maintain other positive habits.

The human brain is a master of habits.

When you make positive affirmations a habit they become your brain’s natural response mechanism. Your brain becomes programmed to see the light in every situation.

Stuck in traffic? Focus all of your attention on only having positive thoughts about the situation. Maybe this means you get to jam out to your favorite songs, catch up on your podcasts, or call a friend.

By using your brain as a tool instead of as a pilot, you can create the life that works for you. You can show yourself that you are worthy, capable, and should keep high standards for yourself.

You can essentially become your number one fan who leads her way straight to success through way of happiness, fulfillment and purpose.

So what’s it going to be? Are you willing to hit the “storm” switch and then wonder why in the world it’s always raining or are you going to take the reins and turn on the “sunny” switch and spend your life living in bliss?

Make the conscious decision to reprogram your mind today to focus only on positive affirmations so that tomorrow you are one step closer to living this way without a second thought.

The secret is out and now it’s up to you to harness it into a habit so that you can live a life of love, fulfillment, purpose, and most importantly-happiness.

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