Why You Need to Adopt a Sign from the Universe

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I have always loved the number 11. Since I was a little girl and it was the number I chose for my basketball jersey. As I got older and became interested in spirituality, I learned that according to some, 11 is the angelic number.

Over the years, I’ve adopted the number 11 as a sign of luck, guidance and safety….and in the most recent months as “the universe has got my back.”

Why in the recent months? Because they have been an excruciating time of change.

For various reasons I recently had to move. I loved my home and I really didn’t want to move. I felt myself wanting to collapse from sadness as I wandered in the city streets with internal conversations like, “I’m alone again, do I move back to my country, what am I doing with my life?…” And I would look up and find myself under a building with a big number 11.

It’s amazing to me that at least 10 times a day (it’s probably 11 times :)) I look at the clock and there’s an 11. Or 11:11. Or 1:11. The latter two I find especially powerful. And it makes me smile every time. Those are a lot of daily reminders that the universe has got my back.

I went on holidays this summer with a good friend of mine. And we were staying at a house with the address: Street of Dreams #11. Seriously. I can’t make this stuff up.

And from the bottom of my heart, I felt completely transformed after that trip. I wrote a business plan for a new project and I wrote a lot. The creativity flowed.

When you’re in a state of despair and sadness, it’s easy to get sucked into that dark hole. To feel like a victim. To feel hopeless. To be depressed.

But when you adopt a sign from the universe, whether it’s a number, or butterflies, or yellow
cars… whatever you want it to be and whatever you want it to mean, you will be surprised how often it shows up. And that’s the universe whispering to us, you’re right where you’re supposed to be and I’ve got your back. This sign will bring you comfort.

Why does this matter? It matters because if you’re feeling in a constant state of despair, worry or other negative emotions, it’s going to affect what you continue to draw into your life. It’s critical to change your energetic vibrations when you’re consumed with negative emotions, otherwise you’re going to continue attracting negativity.

When you’re more peaceful you will inevitably be more positive and optimistic. And you will draw more positivity into your life. When you trust, the universe won’t let you down.

This one little number and mantra of the universe has got my back saved me. Saved me from being a victim. Saved me from staying in that dark place. It has brought me the greatest sense of peace in some really difficult months.

This one little number and mantra has taught me to surrender and completely trust the
universe. The results have blown my mind. Gifts have shown up in the most unexpected ways. I feel taken care of in a way that I’ve never experienced before.

And this invokes gratitude. And when you’re grateful, the universe continues to take care of you. Find your sign from the universe. Define it. Adopt it. Believe in it. Trust it.

And stand back and watch all of the gifts that come into your life.

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