How I Improved Productivity and Had My Most Successful Year Ever

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We’re all thinking it. Where did the time go? How is it nearly 2017 already and also – where are the flying cars?

Just like every year before this one, it comes and goes in the blink of an eye. If we aren’t careful we’ll get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life and we won’t have accomplished any of the goals that we had set out for a year ago.

For me, that’s just not okay. I’ve spent far too many years procrastinating my goals and actively (without realizing it) putting them farther away from me with self doubt and honestly a lot of laziness.

There was something at the beginning of 2016 that changed for me though. I became fed up with myself and it was one of the most empowering feelings of my life.

To be frustrated and annoyed with yourself sucks but it adds some serious fuel to the fire of your intentions and life goals. Spending day after day frustrated with my lack of (money, opportunity, passion) made me learn a lot about myself and what makes me tick.

I found that I love to learn, that I need to express myself creatively, and that generosity makes me genuinely happy. I learned that as my list of jobs increased I needed to find a way to stay organized. I discovered that as my mind was running at fifty miles an hour it was wearing me down and inhibiting my ability to listen to my intuition and to be happy in general. Lastly, I learned that I was at fault for my lack of success.

So I did something. I changed. Now with 2016 coming to an end, I can proudly say that this year was my most productive and successful year yet and I’m here to tell you exactly how I did it.

I got organized. If you feel like your life is a sloppy mess then your life is going to be a sloppy mess. I’ve always been a well organized person but when things start to get hectic all of that flies out the door. Not this time. I kept my house and my car clean. I adopted a flexible work out schedule that worked with all three of my jobs. I set an alarm for 8 AM every morning regardless of what time I was able to get to bed. You know what happened? I unintentionally created habits. Productive habits that are now a part of my daily regime. This is simply how I live my life now – I don’t look at it as staying organized-it’s just how I do things. These habits of allowed me to follow my passions and even start making money off of them. Productivity and success all in one.

I took meditation seriously. What we don’t realize is how many thoughts we have a day and how these thoughts are determining the outcome of our lives. I strongly believe it’s not healthy for our minds to run all day long, thought after thought. It makes us dramatize scenarios, overthink, and get down about ourselves. Just like we need to work out our bodies to stay in tip top shape we have to work out our minds too. Anyone that has a solid work out routine will preach about the positive effect it has on their life and the same goes for those who meditate. If you can get yourself to a point where you can see and feel the effects of mediation then you are sold for life. You understand how important it is for our minds to silence and how much more self aware you become. It’s like a catapult that flings you right into the life you’re wishing for, making you more focused and ready for the opportunities coming your way.

I gave up my self doubt. I stepped right into the shoes that I wanted to fill. I started taking chances and not caring if people thought I was crazy or doubted me themselves. I’m still doing this everyday and it has to be one of the most empowering feelings. To know that no matter what happens, what failures come your way, and what doors get shut in your face you’ll have your back-it makes you invincible. Without self doubt I’ve been able to do things that I never thought I would pull off at the beginning of 2016, from creating a blog following, to making money off of writing, to helping market a personal brand for a client. All of this happened once I threw self doubt out the window and completely and totally believed in myself and my abilities to do anything that I set my mind to. It’s by far the most important lesson I’ve learned in 2016-you have to be your biggest fan to be successful! You have to have the confidence, and you have to own your sh*t.

Okay, so we don’t have flying cars but we do have incredible insights that can seriously make or break our new year.

I’m just like you. You can do exactly what I did and put 2017 in the books as the year that everything went right. Imagine what 2018 will look like for you?

Well hey, maybe there will be flying cars. We don’t have much control over that but what we can do is get organized, quiet our mind, and only have affirming thoughts that will power us to the next level.

Say it with me guys, bring it on 2017.

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