How to Improve Your Love Life in 5 Mindful Steps

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When you consider the pace of life in our digital age, you might be wondering if it is possible to be mindful in different aspects of your day to day living.

Irrespective of the contending areas of life, anyone who values the impact of relationships will strive to enhance them.

Here are 5 tips that can help position your life for the best outcome:

  1. Give Your Spouse Attention

For anyone to have your attention, it means you are mindful of such a person. It might sound ironic but many people live under the same roof with a spouse yet it seems like they are miles apart.

When you decide to give your attention your spouse, it will translate to huge gains for your relationship. No rational personal will reject your attention; rather, you should expect reciprocal actions in words and tender care.

When you give attention to your spouse, you are protecting the foundation of your well-being and setting the stage for your love life to blossom! The effort, energy and time are deliberate expressions that you can’t replace with other things.

Here are quick tips you can use;

  • Be quick to express your gratitude
  • Voice your grievance without a ‘put-down’
  • Remember important days such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc
  • Plan to lend a hand to your spouse (despite your schedule)
  • Plan a refreshing getaway where you can enjoy quality time together ( so important to rekindle affection)
  • Send gifts from time to time ( Consider flowers, jewelry or some delectable lingerie)
  1. Build Your Communication Abilities

 There are times when people utter words that they later regret. It shows that they failed to give proper thought to the words they used and thus failed the mindfulness test.

When you are not getting the feedback you expected from your spouse, it should be a time you found out if the message was understood. Most times, it is easier to rage or rant but keep your cool and remember you have a life you are building.

This is not to say that you have no right to be angry at any time but be mindful of your words always. Your words have healing powers and can motivate when used rightly.

You can use these tips;

  • Voice your concerns when your anger subsides
  • Control your temperament and avoid raising your voice to shout or heckle
  • Never fail to say “I love you” daily (today is not yesterday)
  • Remember your partner has an equal right to be heard
  • Be upfront to request feedback ( you never know what could lie unsaid ) 
  1. Grow in Empathy 

In simple language, empathy is “to place yourself in the shoes of the other person”. It is a sound tip that builds a connection between partners and works well for people across various divides.

When you understand and relate to the needs of your spouse, you literally earn bonus points that cement your relationship beyond words. People do not easily forget the way you make them feel and this is huge!

Circumstances arise that could mean ill-health, loss of a job, loss of an organ or siblings. You have a primary duty to comfort your partner with words and actions that will ease the pain of the circumstance and not make it worse.

Here are tips anyone can deploy:

  • Pinpoint anything that can bring relief and provide it
  • Speak soothing words
  • If you are far away, arrange to be around your spouse for some time
  • Use gestures and actions that show you care
  • Never use the scenario later on to taunt your spouse
  1. Social Media Management 

The world is immersed in social media interactions right now that anyone who isn’t should be missing it by miles. Be that as it may, to mindfully build your love life, you need to pay attention to social media encroachment into your personal space.

Humans need healthy relationships and by putting limits on your social media interaction, you are also able to build trust. Your social media account should not be an all-comers affair. You know what your partner stands for and what values your family holds dear. Do not negate these when you are online or through your media posts!

Here are a few tips:

  • Do not come to the dinner table chatting on your phone (voice exceptions to your partner)
  • Reject questionable friend requests and invites
  • Separate your personal life from your business accounts on social media
  • Do not post your private challenges online
  • Do not belittle your spouse with questionable posts
  1. Reinforce Your Sense of Touch

Humans desire affection and this has no limitations whether you are an infant or a full-blown adult. One excellent way of improving your love life is never to let go of your sense of touch. A reinforcement of touch and physical contact is important for every healthy relationship.

The more contact you make with your spouse, the greater the sense of conviviality and loyalty that results. Do not allow your spouse to develop a physical attachment to someone more charismatic than you are because you fail in this respect.

Here are a few tips:

  • When you part in the morning, do so with a kiss
  • Lock hands when you take a walk
  • When on the sofa, lean on each other
  • Stroke your partner’s hair whenever possible
  • Enjoy physical intimacy and look for ways to improve your sex life


Take a look at these outlined nuggets today to build your love life and you will enjoy the benefits of the resultant healthy relationship

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