How To Relieve Chronic Pain With Mediation (In Just 1 Hour Per Week)

meditation chronic pain
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Could it really be that meditating just one hour per week is all your body needs to finally get rid of those nasty painkillers and expensive medication?

It is a bold promise but the Cleveland Clinic couldn’t be more straightforward in their claims in a recent article published on their blog.

According to Ms. Jane Ehrman, MEd. who is quoted in the original article, a daily meditation can not only help relieve chronic pain and reduce stress, but improve your overall health and provide a welcomed boost to your immune system as well.

When we are stressed, our bodies trigger the release of stress hormones, causing inflammation, and increasing pain to already irritated joints, Ms. Ehrman says. Meditation shifts your focus to something quiet and calm, reducing inflammation and pain.

In addition to reducing the release of stress hormones, with practice, meditation can increase your pain tolerance, lower hypertension and deepen respirations, Ms. Ehrman says.”

To learn more about the latest scientific findings and discover the simplest way to get started with your own daily meditation routine, you can find the original article here.

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