How Self-Worth is Essential at Any Stage of a Relationship

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You’ve heard it a thousand times, right? The only way to attract true love into your life is by
loving yourself first?

So why is that?

When you have a high level of self-worth you see yourself as worthy of love and respect.
This becomes your belief. And your beliefs create your reality.

Having self-worth will improve the quality of your relationship, or give you the strength and
clarity to leave a toxic one.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started dating or have been together for years. Having self-worth at any stage of a relationship is essential and here’s why:

1. How we treat ourselves sets the ground for how others treat us.

It all starts here. We attract what we put out, so if we have a strong sense of self-worth we’ll attract those who see our worthiness.

2. You’ll honor yourself.

When you believe that you’re worthy of love and respect, you won’t accept negative treatment from a partner. Of course, our partners may have their bad days, but the foundation of how you’re treated will be in a way that honors you.

3. You’ll honor your partner.

Often times when people don’t feel good about themselves they lash out at their partners. They treat them poorly or criticize them as a way to increase their own sense of self worth.

4. You’ll be more willing to work out your problems.

You’ll have more of an ability to take a step back when there’s a problem, make an intelligent assessment and try to solve the issue. When you don’t have self-worth you can often live in a world clouded with negative emotions, which makes it nearly impossible to solve problems in a healthy way.

5. You won’t let others manipulate you.

When you look to others for love and self-worth instead of cultivating it from within, your partner will sense it and they can use it to their advantage. They will treat you however they want because they know you will cling to them regardless and not stand up for yourself.

6. You won’t settle.

When we feel bad ourselves we’ll often settle for a relationship that’s below our standards. No matter how big or how small, and no matter at which stage of the relationship, it’s extremely important to never settle in life.

Let’s elaborate on never settling.

Let’s say you’ve been with a partner for a couple of years, and they are kind and loving. And they don’t want to ever have kids. And you think that you’ll never find a partner as kind and loving as them who will love you, so you stay with them, even though every bone in your body wants to have a family.

Because you believe that nobody else so kind and loving will want to be with you, you stay instead of wishing them well and leaving so you can one day start a family with someone who shares the same ideals and values as you.

Or, you just started dating someone. And they seem wonderful. They’re smart, funny and you have a lot in common. But they don’t want a serious relationship. And you do.

However you stay anyway because you don’t believe you’ll find anyone as wonderful who will give you such attention, no matter how fleeting that attention may be.

When we have a strong sense of self-worth, not only does it allow us to honor ourselves and our partners, it also helps us to set healthy boundaries….what you will and will not accept.

And boundaries are another essential part to a healthy relationship.

See your value. Believe in it. Share it with the world. And let your relationships thrive.

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