How a Touch of Nature Can Make You Better at Work

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I recently wrote about 5 studies that prove nature influences your mood and behaviour.

And according to a recent published study, workers who are to sunlight and natural elements in the workplace report better moods, higher satisfaction with their work, and more commitment to their employer.

In an article published on the Mindful blog, titled “Why your office needs more nature”, writer Jill Suttie explains:

Analyzing the data, the researchers found that people with more exposure to natural elements in the office were less depressed, and more satisfied with and committed to their jobs, than those with less nature around them.

Even stronger links were seen for sunlight exposure. Indirect sunlight in the workplace was associated with reduced depressive symptoms, while direct sunlight was linked to increased job satisfaction and employee loyalty—suggesting, in general, that sunshine may be good for people at work.

Looking back at the previous studies, it would seem that even something as simple as a picture or poster of natural landscapes (go with lush green forests and avoid deserts) on your wall would be enough to have a positive impact on your mood and productivity.

If you are interested in reading more about the current research and its findings, you can view the original entry from Mrs. Suttie on the Mindful blog by clicking here.


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