Friendship in the Workplace Makes Life Better, Here’s Why.

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Man is a social animal and considering the average American spends 8.9 hours per day either at work or doing work-related activity, it’s no surprise that the people who surround us at work will greatly affect our mood, happiness and success.

With this in mind, a recent entry on the popular blog Dumb Little Man outlines the following 5 benefits of making friends at work:

1. Happy working life.

Work won’t seem like a chore when you start making friends in the workplace. Instead of an interruption of the time you have available to spend with friends and family outside of work, it becomes an extension of it. And your Monday mornings will start to feel so much lighter.

2. Increase in morale and productivity.

With your heart in your work, you’re more than likely to produce better quality in your work. That’s otherwise hard to achieve, what with everyone trying to cram in more into their schedules than is humanly possible and employers being hard to satisfy.

3. Personal development support.

By making friends at work you can rely on more people who understands your particular situation, the stress and challenges you deal with every day, and who can support you in your personal development endeavor.

Even career goals and professional growth that benefit the team and company will often be celebrated and encouraged.

4. Fondness for your company.

Building up on the previous benefit…

You’ll find yourself caring more about the progress of your company as well. The passion for your job can ensure that you put in your best, and having friends at work is a big motivation factor to stay and give it your best.

5. Higher paying jobs won’t feel as appealing.

58% men and 74% women said that they would refuse a higher paying job if it meant that they will not get along well with their co-workers. That goes to show that more than half the people stated that they value a place with a friendly environment.

They feel this way because work feels more like home and no one minds staying late as much. Lunch breaks can also be more enjoyable and fun and you’ll certainly be able to go back to work feeling more positive and refreshed.

So even if you feel like you’ve never been much into so-called office politics or small talk, it might be worthwhile to make an effort once in a while to build friendship in the workplace.

You don’t have to share a pint with your co-workers every night after hours, but showing some interest in them can go a long way.

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