Focus on Your Strengths If You Want to Succeed In Life

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If somebody asked you right now to give them a list of 10 things you feel like you need to change or improve about yourself, you probably wouldn’t have to think twice.

However, when asked about our strengths, most of us draw a blank.

We live in a world that is so focused on fixing what we believe is a flaw that we forget to look on the brighter side of things and appreciate the things we are really good at.

And according to an article published today on the popular blog Pick The Brain, whenever we focus on our shortcomings we sabotage ourselves, our success and our happiness.

As the author explains:

Research clearly shows that people experience faster growth and development when they nurture their strengths instead of correcting their shortcomings.”

Among the list of reasons why what we focus on influences our brain we can find:
– Focusing on our weakness makes our brains believe that we are not good enough
– Focusing on our weaknesses stresses our brains
– Focusing on our strengths opens our minds
– Focusing on our strengths increases our brain activity
– Focusing on our strengths releases dopamine
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