How to Find Peace in the Chaos of Daily Life

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Stress is a huge part of the everyday life of an average person.

The reasons for it may vary – having too many things to do, planning and worrying about the future, trying to answer big expectations, being in a hurry all the time, not resting properly, not taking good care of yourself, not spending any time in silence, and more.

We tend to make life more complex than it actually is.

We complicate relationships by expecting, judging and not being direct and honest. We complicate the work activities by multitasking, procrastinating and fearing failure instead of simply getting to work. And we complicate our goal setting process by looking at the big picture and trying to change many things at once, when all we need to do is choose one thing, start small and take one action a day connected to it.

What we need more of to live a better, happier and healthier life, is peace.

Not just that, but more peace throughout the whole day. We need to find balance, be in harmony and at ease all the time. That can turn into our lifestyle if we give it a chance.

Here are some practical and pleasant ways to find peace in daily life:

1. Slow down.

Haste is an enemy of peace.

You see all these people on the streets running from one place to the next, talking on their phones, drinking coffee, meeting someone, driving, thinking about everything that needs to get done later, and more.

There’s chaos in their minds, and they’ve forgotten how to just stop and experience what is in the present moment. Without doing that at least a couple of times a day, however, they aren’t even living the life they are given. They just rush through it, and bring stress and anxiety with them wherever they go.

To get out of this trap, start doing things more slowly.

Any activity can be done this way and it’s a great way to enjoy it more as you experience it fully.

Begin with simpler things, like reading, writing, eating and talking. You’ll notice how your senses are heightened. You’re able to read between the lines and really learn stuff from each book. You’ll awake spiritually while writing and will connect with your deeper self, especially if you’re sharing what’s on your mind, your fears and desires, and your goals and dreams.

You’ll finally feel full after eating small portions of food and will have much more contentment after each meal, because doing it slowly lets your mind be part of the activity too.

When communicating with others, you’ll talk more slowly. This means the other person will truly understand you, won’t feel any pressure and will open up more easily. You’ll then listen to them in the same manner and that way your connection will be more meaningful.

Once you become patient and focused enough to do these basic things slowly, apply this approach while walking, driving, exercising, and to any other activity you do every day.

2. Be present.

Living in the past or future leads to missing out on the present moment, which is the only real thing we have the chance to experience.

Anything we have and can control is right here, everywhere around us in the now. So we need to practice mindfulness and open our eyes for what we already have.

That will result in appreciation. We’ll finally see the abundance we live in and will thank for it daily. That increases our levels of happiness and we enjoy what we have without asking for more of it or expecting things to turn in a certain way.

You’ll be more peaceful when you are present, instead of thinking about what you could have changed about the past, or fearing what tomorrow might bring.

3. Spend some time alone.

We all need solitude at least once a day, when we can empty our minds and just let go of any random thoughts, any work-related problems, any desire to be someone we’re not, or else.

The best period of the day is the early morning.

If you start waking up early, you can have some me time and dedicate it to pleasant and quiet activities.

Create a whole ritual to welcome the day and create peace. Meditate, stretch, drink tea in silence, read a good book, journal your thoughts, listen to soothing music, organize your desk and get ready for the day.

This will guarantee you a good mood and a calm approach to anything unexpected that happens till the evening.

4. Rest more often.

Another way to find peace in the daily chaos is to take frequent breaks while working, and to empty your mind whenever you can throughout the day, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

At work, make sure you take a short 5-minute rest after each 45-minute period of focused work. During the break, do something completely different or just shut off your mind for a while. You’ll get back to your task refreshed.

When back at home, stay still for a while, do nothing and don’t be in a hurry to get all the chores done quickly.

Before bed, have a quick meditation session, take a long, soothing bath, or read fiction in bed to fall asleep faster naturally.

All these are great ways to relax mentally and physically and to have all the energy when you need it, but to also be peaceful and contented.

What other ways to find more peace do you know about?

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