How to Develop a Younger Sexier Brain Today

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I was very literal in stating that you can develop a younger, sexier brain today at age nineteen or ninety. I won’t blind you with science, I’ll give you the short and sweet lowdown on how to understand your brain and this concept.

A Synapse is a small space located at the end of a neuron where a signal passes between one neuron to the next. Neurons are what transmit important information throughout the body. So, simply put, we need them to lead a healthy and productive life. The steps in this article are meant to keep the brain and the system it runs in tip top shape.

Steps to a healthy, sexy brain:

These are actionable steps you can take right now towards a healthier, younger brain.

Practice Mindfulness: It’s easier to understand the concept as a beginner with mindful walking or contemplation. Choose a space in nature where you can look at an appealing landscape. Free your mind and try to notice as much as you can about the environment as you let go and relax. Pay attention to the sounds, the textures and the smells around you. Once you master this skill you can do it smack in the middle of a city or at your desk at work and keep yourself focused.

Learn a New Skill: The second way to develop neuroplasticity is to learn a new skill of any kind that you can do as a hobby or job. Art work and knitting; formulas and problem solving; dance and coordination exercises are among a few.

Your Brain on Food:

Controversial Caffeine: The verdict has been in and out on whether caffeine is good for the brain or not. I tend to personally go with this study and I am including it so you can make an educated choice.

Change your Diet to a Brain-Friendly one! Chicken and eggs give your brain a very necessary boost in the neuroplasticity department. But, worry not, if you have made the vegan choice, this isn’t a must-do. The brain actively uses Omega-3 fatty acids. In an article in Examined Existence an online health blog, Fernando Pinilla shared this information: “omega-3 fatty acids increase levels of molecules important for neuroplasticity such as the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a neurotrophin that regulates the survival, growth and differentiation of nerve cells.” 

Apart from fish, integrating leafy greens and nuts is a smart move. This resource will guide you through meal ideas for vegetarians. Some of those foods consist of flax, nuts, spinach. Kale and chickpeas. For vegans there are fish-free Omega 3 sources for you here.

A Note on Organics:

The brain and nervous system are affected by pesticide and other chemicals as well as GMO’s. Many feel that it’s a bit of  a strain on the budget to incorporate organic and non-GMO foods that may be priced according to demand.

But, if you adjust your mindset just a little it’s more than doable. Go through the pantry with your family. Let them know you’d like to make a brain-healthy change. If you like, donate anything in a can or box first. Save some canned product for emergencies or a rainy day.

Redo your list to include organic lean protein and fish as well as fresh or frozen organic, non GMO leafy greens. That’s a start, and you’ll see the difference in your grocery bill.

Closing Points:

These adjustments and additions to what you normally engage in daily are fairly simple. They’re diverse enough to pick and choose a few to start with. Let us know if you’ve used any in the past or what adopting some of these things into your routine has resulted in for you.

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