Sunday, June 13, 2021
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Pratika studied with meditation teacher and spiritual master Sri Chinmoy for 25 years, traveling and teaching meditation and self-transcendence. Gradually over the years Pratika has witnessed in all aspects of his life, many confirmations and shifts in his self-belief, reactions, attitudes and life purpose.

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How to Use Mindfulness to Do Better and More Meaningful Work

Think about the moment right before you get to work. Is it hard to concentrate? Does it take you a long time to prepare, remember...

Productivity is a State of Mind. Here’s How to Get There

If you search for productivity hacks and time management tricks online, you’ll find plenty. In fact, it will take years to try and implement all...

What Not to Do in The Evening to Wake Up Fresh...

A lot has been written on what to do every evening before bed to sleep better and wake up fresh. But the things we do...
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