8 Surprising (But Proven) Benefits of Daily Meditation

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We all hear about the importance of meditating daily, and all successful people have developed that habit at some point. But we are rarely familiar with the actual benefits, especially those related to health.

So here’s why meditation is one of the most powerful practices and how doing it daily can improve your overall health:

1. You reduce stress.

For a start, the act of meditating means staying still, emptying your mind and being at ease. Once you get better at this, you can stay in this mental state long after you’ve left the room.

A morning that includes a meditation session before you go out, guarantees you a less stressful day. You react to problems more easily, don’t get anxious without a reason, and aren’t in a hurry to get everything done.

2. It boost your immune system.

It’s been proven countless times (like in this research) that mindfulness meditation strengthens the immune function.

That helps us fight diseases, recover quickly, adapt to different environments, and – ultimately – live a longer and healthier life.

3. It helps you reduce blood pressure.

By making meditation a daily exercise, you’ll see a drop in your blood pressure after a few weeks or so.

And as you may know, the benefits of lowering your blood pressure are many. From being less likely to have a heart disease and develop a stroke, to improving your kidney function and vision.

4. You start breathing better.

Most of us don’t breathe correctly and that may lead to asthma, inability to focus and worse mental performance.

There’s a type of meditation exercise called breathing meditation, and it’s all about inhaling and exhaling mindfully, while being present and concentrating solely on your breath.

It results in pure relaxation, getting enough oxygen to your brain and thus improving its power, and also to every single cell in your body which makes you feel rejuvenated.

That’s how meditation is beneficial to your respiratory system.

5. You cure depression.

Meditating regularly is a sure way to be optimistic about life. You learn how to be present at any moment of the day and this helps you be action-oriented and appreciate it more.

What’s more, by emptying your mind you let go of thoughts about the past and future. And they seem to be the main reason why we feel depressed, overburdened and emotionally exhausted.

6. You improve the quality of your sleep.

Not getting enough sleep is bad for us, but so is not sleeping well every night.

People use their evening to think about work, worry about tomorrow’s tasks, have emotional conversations, or do other things that engage their brain to such an extent that it can’t shut off long after they’ve gone to bed.

But the evening must be a wind-down period, it must be a relaxing way to end the day with peace and prepare to go to sleep.

Your body and mind need to be at ease. Meditation is a great way to get to that state.

If you avoid using technology and eating and drinking prior to bed, but instead quiet your mind, relax and practice breathing deeply for some time, you’ll sleep like a baby.

Not only that, but you’ll also wake up feeling super fresh tomorrow morning and will be more productive throughout the whole day.

7. Better memory.

When meditating, especially if you’re a beginner, your main goal is to let go of the random thoughts that are engaging your mind all the time, and focus on just one thought, or your breath.

That’s equal to ignoring the distractions around us when trying to work and concentrating on the one task in front of us.

So the more you meditate, the more you’ll be able to focus effortlessly.

Your job performance will skyrocket, but you’ll also start memorizing things more effectively and thus be a better learner, be it about information you consume daily or developing new skills.

8. It helps you deal with ADHD.

The main symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are having trouble staying focused and organized, not being able to pay attention and being distracted all the time, excessive activity and being impulsive.

But meditation is all about being calm in the present moment, letting go of all the haste, desires, thoughts and plans, and becoming self-aware.

Over time, it can help people with ADHD manage it and live a better life.

It’s your turn now.

Have you given meditating a try? If not, are you willing to now that you know how it will improve your overall health?

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