7 Ideas to Radically Simplify Your Life (That Anyone Can Do)

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A simpler life means more peace of mind, more free time, more positivity, more space in our homes and better focus when working.

In order to achieve this, we must reduce the stress, distractions, clutter, the number of tasks on our list, and more.

Such changes seem overwhelming if you think about it all at once. But what if you change just one small thing every day and see how it goes?

What if there are life hacks you can use that take less than 5 minutes but which can make a huge difference in the long-term?

Well, there are. Here are some actions to take over the course of the next few days to simplify your life:

1. Write everything down.

Lists can save you a lot of trouble. If you build the habit of planning your day by listing what needs to get done, and writing down stuff the moment it comes up (like meetings, chores, future projects, or even ideas that popped up in your mind), you won’t need to remember everything anymore.

That means no more missed deadlines, no need to be in a hurry to complete a task. You’ll have it all written down and the only thing you’ll need is to check the list a few times during the day.

2. Get rid of one thing you don’t use daily.

There are more belongings at your home than you actually need. And they need to be taken care of, fixed and replaced.

But what if you get rid of anything you haven’t used in months?

All the clothes you won’t really wear any time soon, all the objects around your place that are just taking up space and which are just unnecessary, all the things you keep that remind you of your past, all the books that are just collecting dust.

All this can be removed from your life. Give it away, sell what you can, and simply throw away the rest.

You’ll feel freer than ever.

But you’ll need to change your shopping habits to keep things this simple. Don’t buy anything unless you really need it, as you’ll end up living in clutter again.

3. Eliminate unnecessary activities.

We do many unproductive things daily and thus waste a lot of time. But time is our most precious resource. Too much work and being busy all day prevent us from spending it wisely, having more of it for our loved ones and doing things we enjoy, and we can’t even rest enough.

But most of what you do during the day doesn’t really need to get done.

To simplify your life today, apply the 80/20 rule to your daily activities.

That’s the Pareto principle and it’s quite powerful, especially in terms of productivity and efficiency.

Define the 20% of the things you do that give you 80% of the results and do away with the rest. You’ll be amazed at how easily you can identify these once you give it some thought.

These activities are not giving you the best return for your efforts.

You may have been doing some of them your whole life, but they obviously don’t give you the desired results and are only wasting your time. Enough of that!

Make time only for what matters and ditch these.

4. Have a place for everything.

A simple personal organization tip that works wonders is to find a place for everything, and simply keep it there.

After you use it, put it back there right away. This way you’ll always know where to look for it when you’re in a hurry.

5. Complete 5-minute tasks now.

When something unexpected comes up that doesn’t take much time, get it done now, without putting it off for later.

Such little things have the habit of piling up, and you end up overwhelmed in the end of the day and don’t feel like completing any of them. So you start the next day with unfinished work, and that makes you anxious.

Get out of that vicious circle by simply getting done anything that takes 5 or less minutes right away. You’ll feel accomplished after each.

6. Wake up earlier.

We’re all looking for more time during the day. Not having enough of it is the main excuse why some people don’t work out, for instance.

So get that extra time by getting up an hour earlier. Use the early morning to get ahead with your work, to organize the day, to prepare meals, to exercise, or else.

It’s a great way to start the day productively too, and helps you build momentum and be energized for when the real work needs to be done.

7. Automate and delegate.

Remember, not everything you think you should do needs to be done – at least by you. You have limits in terms of time, energy and focus, just like everyone else.

So work smarter by letting others do some of the work, be it at home or in the office. Hire a virtual assistant or someone to clean the house for a few hours if you have to.

What’s more, make the most of all the free and paid automation tools available today. There are plenty of organizers, calendars, to-do lists, tracking apps, money management softwares, and more, that can help you track and save both time and money.

Such small changes can lead to a significant transformation in all areas of your life. Don’t underestimate the power of tiny steps taken consistently.

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