7 Habits to Start Today to Radically Change Your Life in 21 Days

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They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. That means that in less than one month you could be living a completely different life than the one that you are living today as you read this.

In 21 days you could be the person that you have always strived to be, you could be steps closer to completing your goals, and you could be that much happier. Keeping with old, unhealthy habits will never bring you the satisfaction that you could receive by being what you want to be. The best part? There’s no money, pain, or suffering involved in any of these habits-just simply putting your ego to the side and deciding that today is the day that you start really living.

Yes, I brought ego into this because your ego is going to fight against some of these habits but it is crucial that you show it who is boss. The law of karma is that what goes around comes around, so if you are putting out productive, healthy, successful, vibes-guess what’s coming back to you?

Choose today to be the person that you aspire to be. You don’t need the material items or physical successes to be the person that you are hoping to become-you can be that person today. Do what the person that you want to be would be doing right now. Future-successful-you is going to be hardworking, committed, happy, and kind and there is seven easy (and free!) steps to get you there in the express lane.

Wake up early. Remember when I said your ego wasn’t going to like it? You can tell your ego to blame me. Set that alarm and wake up by at least 8 AM every morning. There are only 24 hours in a day and even less that can be spent doing business, making serious moves towards your goals, and creating your future. Become a morning person. Wake up and get to hustling for the life that you want.

Make your bed. I told you these would be free! Creating the habit of making your bed every morning sounds small and minuscule but in the grand scheme of things it’s an extraordinary habit. Your brain learns that as soon as you start making you bed it’s time to end sleepy time and start your day. Make your bed for 21 days straight and then do a test of not making it for a morning. You’ll notice that your morning just doesn’t seem right and that you want to get that bed made so you can officially start your day.

Eat only fruit for breakfast. Okay, this one’s not free but if you replace the cost of buying gunk and cooked food for breakfast it’ll even itself out. Eating fruit first in the morning is not only easy on your digestive system (who is also still waking up) but great for getting you energized and clearing the sleepy fog in your head. Start your morning with nutrition and healthy vibes. If you respect your body it will respect you. Healthy body=healthy brain=successful life.

WORK OUT. Yes, in all caps because I mean it! Forget your ego and forget that it doesn’t feel great at first and accept that in 21 days you will be SO damn happy that you took the initiative and did it. I repeat: Respect your body and your body will respect you. Forget working out to get big muscles and six pack abs-work out to release the extra energy inside of you that will clutter your head space and essentially your intuition and capabilities to kick ass. Having your body in tip top shape will lead you to being balanced, energized, mentally strong, and confident. All of these attributes will lead you straight to success and a happy and improved life.

Make daily to do lists. Every morning write down what you need to get done that day. Having it on paper makes it that much harder to be lazy and not get things done. Having a daily habit of writing down the important tasks of your day will guarantee a 95% success rate of getting it all done (statistics provided by personal experience). Suddenly you’re a hundred steps closer to your goals, more organized and more productive.

Focus on your negative thoughts. Yup, you read that right. Pay attention to your negative thoughts. Seriously, this is not a joke. By putting your focus on the negative thoughts that arise in your mind you can poof them away. When you notice a negative thought or feeling brewing, stare it in it’s dark, beady eyes and watch it’s cowardice. It’ll diminish in seconds. Your thoughts can only go where you lead them so if you make a habit of ending all negative thoughts before they can sprout into anything bigger, your mind will simply stop producing them because there is no further traction. In 21 days, your life will seem easier, your relationships will be a piece of cake, and you will feel fully supported by the unfolding future because, well, karma.

Okay, this one might cost you but you will reap the rewards…

Give. Give your money. Give your time. Give your energy. Give your best advice (when asked). Give your love. Give happiness. Give whatever it is that you want back in return. If you want to be a millionaire start giving to those less fortunate, start tipping your barista, start giving more than you already are in anyway that you can. Karma, karma, karma. In 21 days you’ll feel the benefits of having given what it is you so seek to come back to you. In 42 days you’ll be even farther along and in a year you’ll be thanking your present self for the tremendous gift you have given yourself.

Hop in the express lane and get your butt to where you want to be in life, love, and happiness. 21 days is child’s play in the big picture of your entire life. Nobody ever looks back and says “Damn, I wish I never started eating so healthy.” “I wish I had slept in more and been less productive.” They say “I am so thankful that I made all of this beautiful success around me happen.”

Give yourself 21 days to solidify these habits into your daily routine. Become the master and prove to yourself how committed you are to changing your life. In a few months time you’ll be sitting there asking yourself, “Why didn’t I do that sooner?”

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