5 Simple Ways to Fan the Flames and Start Loving Yourself Again

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Self-love is one of the key elements to living a happy life and enjoying every day. But most people lose that connection with their inner self somewhere on the road, and can’t find their way back and start loving themselves again.

It’s simple, though. Make the following changes in your attitude towards life and turn to your spiritual side, in order to raise your energy, feel good and appreciate yourself for who you are:

1. Know that you don’t need other people to feel complete.

An awful way to fill the void you feel inside is to look for someone in your surroundings, or a completely new person.

He won’t make you happier on the inside because he’s just another outer factor in your life. Your relationship with yourself is more important in this case, and until you fix it, you won’t be able to open up in front of others and be your best self.

Start loving yourself before you share your love with new individuals. Realize that you yourself are enough and complete. The void inside is imaginary and self-love is the best cure for it.

Once you do that, you’ll start living a fulfilling life and will communicate with people freely, without expecting them to like you from day one, or to have a special attitude towards you.

2. Focus on your good sides.

You have a lot to thank for. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself, from the way you look and the things you’ve learned, to the difficulties you’ve been through and the good deeds you’ve done for others in the past.

Too often do we lose ourselves in negative self-talk and concentrate only on our bad sides. This lowers our opinion of ourselves and makes us feel unworthy.

But if you make it a habit to remind yourself of your good qualities, talents and past successes, you’ll be more optimistic and always on the go, working towards becoming a better version of yourself.

3. Forgive yourself.

You don’t need to be a bad person to have regrets and things you still relive from the past. Almost anyone is in that position.

But the past is a burden you carry with you in your future and it’s preventing you from enjoying life today.

Let go of it by forgiving yourself for all the mistakes you made, all the times you disappointed yourself and others, all the moments you believed someone you shouldn’t have, and anything else that’s become an unpleasant memory.

Leave all that behind, but accept it first. Find peace by letting it stay in the past, it’s where it’s supposed to be.

By forgiving, you’ll liberate yourself from the pain and regrets. You’ll also clear the path to self-love.

4. Take better care of yourself.

A fantastic way to love yourself more and more every day is to dedicate some time only for yourself and to have rituals.

For example, you can turn your mornings into creative routines, in which you’ll do things you enjoy, will relax with a nice book, will work on new ideas for your business, or may create a plan for your goals and get excited about it.

Whatever it is, it will be your sacred time.

Also, start investing in your spiritual well-being more. Meditate daily for around 10 minutes to quiet the voices in your head and feel calm and peaceful.

Start journaling to get all the thoughts out of your head and put them on paper, and to get to know yourself better. The written word is powerful and this creative process serves as a therapy too.

Then comes your health. Stay active. Find enjoyable ways to work out daily, be it a home workout, jogging, going to the gym, or even trying a new sport like martial arts or tennis.

Eat better to feel better. Anything you put in your mouth affects your physical, spiritual and mental health. If you always go for the fresh foods, filled with vitamins and nutrients, you’ll be full of energy, in a better mood, fit and looking and feeing younger.

The next time you go shopping, choose clothes and accessories that make you feel more comfortable in your skin. Even if they’re more expensive, it’s worth it. You’ll be more confident when wearing them and doing this itself is a sign that you care about yourself.

All these little actions will be making you feel good and proud of who you are. In a way, you’ll be reminding yourself daily of the fact that you deserve all these, that you’re working on improving yourself and that life is good.

5. Accept.

Acceptance is the best recipe for self-healing.

If we expect too much from ourselves, others or life itself, we’ll be constantly disappointed. But the zen way includes pure acceptance of all that is, the way it is.

What does this mean?

That you’ll accept who you are, with all your bad and good sides. That doesn’t mean you can’t change and improve, of course, but for now, it is what it is and you’re okay with that.

It means that you’ll enjoy other people’s company without judging or criticizing. You’ll accept their flaws and stop trying to change them. That will make social life easier and your relationships simpler and better.

You’ll also accept life. It has limits too. And if you believe every moment is perfect, it will be.

Such an attitude can transform your reality. You’ll love yourself, appreciate the people around you, and find meaning in your days without living in the future.

What about you? How can you practice self-love today?

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