5 Simple Steps To Start Chasing Your Dreams Today

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We all have big plans and dreams for where we believe our life should take us.

Some are more modest and realistic – eating better, exercising more, or losing a few pounds.

Others are more daunting – like collecting passport stamps from every all over the world or becoming a world-renowned scientist or celebrity.

But no matter how big or small your dreams and objectives are, they all begin the same way with small actionable steps and consistent efforts.

That’s why I wanted to share today the following 5 steps to start any project you’ve been putting off, as originally written and published by LifeHack blog.

Step 1: Identify why you’ve been putting this project off.

Are you short on time? Not enough hours in the day? Are you not sure how to start? Is the project too demanding in terms of mental energy and concentration? Are there financial restrictions? Are you simply being a melancholic perfectionist reluctant to start without a complete plan? It takes bravery to admit to yourself why you are not going forward with a project you want to pursue in general. Good news – you are not obliged to share this information with the world, unless sharing it would help you overcome your challenges.

Step 2: Take a very small step towards eliminating that obstacle.

It is completely unrealistic to expect that you would get rid of an obstacle that held you back for months/years overnight. Start out with taking a series of very small steps. The progress will follow immediately. For example, if you have been planning to get fit but sports seem intimidating to you, start off by talking to people who love sports. Find out what they enjoy about being active.

Step 3: Give it 5 minutes of your undivided attention every day.

You might not make an awful lot of progress, but you will form a HABIT of working on your project every day. Aim for only 5 minutes a day, and with time you will find yourself wanting to extend that time.

Step 4: Set very specific super-short-term goals.

It is often very difficult to establish a completely coherent plan of tackling a long term project. Also, meeting long-term goals can take up a lot of time, and waiting for the first ‘fruits’ of your labor might be discouraging. Instead, set as many short term goals as you can, and then break them up into even shorter-term goals!

To ensure your goals are as effective as they can be and to increase your chances of success, make sure you follow the Goldilocks principle.

Step 5: Use the mindset of “eyes fear – hands do”.

The fear that we often feel before approaching a problem is steaming from our own expectations that we set for ourselves. Instead of beating yourself up that your project might not come out as ‘perfect’, tell yourself that if you will not get started it will not exist at all!

To read the original story that inspired this article, click here.

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