5 Mindfulness Techniques to Improve Your Relationships Today

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Many people often forget that how we live our lives not only affects ourselves, but also those that we have relationships with as well. The ways in which you conduct your life have huge impacts on the people around you, and those impacts can be either negative or positive.

Building healthy, strong relationships, whether they are romantic relationships or friendships, is a vital component to your quality of life. Having these deep connections with others is what makes us human.

When people think of mindfulness, they may associate it with being primarily focused on themselves and what mindfulness can do for just them. Although mindfulness is definitely a benefit to yourself, it can also be of great benefit to your relationships and those that you come into contact with.

By using mindfulness in your relationships, you can create the mental space and awareness that is necessary to genuinely care for and nurture you relationships with others.

  1. Awareness

Practicing mindfulness daily will bring you into the full awareness of yourself, your surroundings and others. Having this kind of awareness allows you to really open your eyes to the world around you and how you are thinking, feeling and interacting with it.

If you want to have healthy relationships in all areas of your life, you first need to become aware of the current status of your relationships and where you stand. If you are out of balance with your relationships but you don’t realize it, it will be hard for you to correct or improve those relationships.

Bringing your awareness to your relationships is ultimately a huge advantage to you and the other person, because it allows you to actually understand the current situation and be of value in the relationship while providing what is needed to help grow and foster that relationship. It can also help you become more aware of problems or weaknesses and be able to deal with them more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Listening Mindfully

Essentially, mindfulness is becoming aware of the present moment and taking in all of the different senses and emotions of that moment and just being aware to them without reacting. Listening mindfully can be challenging for people who tend to do the majority of the talking or who always think that their opinion is correct.

In order to listen mindfully, you need to really be actively listening to what the other person is saying. Take in all of the things that they are trying to convey to you without reacting, but rather just noticing what they are saying and being respectful of their thoughts and opinions.

If you can be more conscious when you are listening to another person, whether it be with your significant other or a friend or family member, you can start to build a better relationship with them by becoming fully present to what they are thinking and feeling. When you do this, you can begin to respond in a way that is meaningful and helpful to them.

  1. Gratitude

As you become more mindful of how you are relating to others, you will start to notice a sense of gratitude towards the relationships that you have in your life. Cultivating mindfulness allows you to be present to the positive things in your life and fully express your gratitude for those things.

Gratitude is a valuable tool in any relationship and one that many people don’t use enough. So many people forget to be grateful for other people in their lives. Without fully being grateful or expressing that gratitude for those relationships, it is difficult to fully grasp the value of any relationship you have.

Mindfully being aware of the benefits that you receive from every relationship will help you to express more joy and compassion to others in your life. That joy and compassion will help to make your relationship stronger and more intimate.

  1. Use all of Your Senses

As you practice mindfulness, you become more in tune with every sense that you have. Noticing the feel of something in your hands or the subtle smell of something is a mindfulness technique. Using all of your senses allows you to come into the current moment more fully and experience it more vividly.

When you are talking with others, try to use all of your senses, not just some of them. Focus on the feeling of a hug or the smell of another person and really be mindful of being present to all of those senses. Doing this helps you better relate to the other person.

In many relationships, people seem to “go through the motions” of the relationship without fully experiencing or living each moment and each aspect of the relationship. Allow yourself to cherish every detail of a relationship with another person and be mindful of all of your senses.

  1. Pause Before Reacting

Another great benefit of mindfulness, is allowing you to take a moment to pause. By practicing mindfulness you will begin to notice that you don’t need to react to a situation or circumstance immediately. Instead, become aware of the situation and take a moment to fully grasp it before you react.

If you are speaking to someone and they say something that you may not like or agree with, take a moment before reacting to really get a full awareness of what the other person is saying. Being mindful in this way will allow you to respond in a way that is clear and neutral, without making any rash or harsh statements.

Having a certain mindfulness allows you to see situations from a different perspective. It gives you the opportunity to really see things for how they are without your judgment obscuring them. Take this point of view when you are interacting with others and remember to pause for a moment to fully absorb the information before you respond.

The internal benefits of mindfulness are wonderful and can really change how you live your life. Mindfulness not only affects you, but others that you connect with as well. It can have amazing positive benefits on the ways that you interact with others and the relationships that you build.

Use mindfulness as a tool to help you build healthy relationships and connections with others. In turn, you will feel more fulfilled and satisfied in your own life. See how you can use some or all of these mindfulness techniques to create better relationships for yourself today.

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