The 5 Keys To Spiritual Dating

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Dating is not an easy affair. In today’s world it can be difficult to find someone that you connect with and who you actually want to spend your time with. And if you are a spiritual person, dating can be even trickier. Finding someone who shares that same spiritual principles as you and who you feel is the right match, is a struggle.

Luckily, spiritual dating doesn’t have to be a stressful or disappointing experience. There are a few keys that you can follow to get the most out of your dating and find someone that is truly compatible for you. Stick to these 5 key ideas and you will be guided towards finding the right person.

Be Open and Present

When it comes to spirituality, it is very important to remain open. Stay open to new ideas, new thoughts, new circumstances and new relationships. You never know what the universe is trying to show you or bring into your life. Remember to remain open when looking for a partner and you will find that there are more choices than you thought possible.

It is also very important to remain in the present moment. Because that is all we really have. Living in the past of the future will make it difficult to find someone who you want to be with and connect with. Be fully aware of the present moment and what is happening in your life. When you live in the present moment, it will be easier to find someone who shares the same ideas as you.


A large part of spirituality is listening. Listening to your intuition and listening to divine source for guidance is absolutely necessary. We often spend too much time trying to run the conversation and thinking that we know best. Rather than doing that, we can simply listen to what the universe is telling us.

Listen to where you are being led and what your intuition is telling you to do. You will find that it will always lead you in the right place. And it may be leading you towards the right person and you just haven’t been listening enough to notice.

Follow the Energy

We are all energy. And relationships are a fusion of your energy with another person’s. When you feel your energy being attracted to someone else’s energy, follow it. Energy is a powerful thing and it can lead you to a great relationship if you let it.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are with someone, but you don’t feel like you fully connect with their energy or you don’t even like their energy, it may be a good time to make a change. The energy that you surround yourself is essential to how you feel and the energy that you create. Date someone who has an attractive energy to you and you will be on the right path.

Be Authentic

When starting any kind of relationship, it is essential to be authentic. And this is especially true for dating relationships. Stay in tune with your spiritual power and your own beliefs. Being true to who you are as a person is the only way to find someone who really complements you.

Being authentic is a necessary requirement for finding a good relationship. If you can’t be open and authentic with your partner, something needs to change. Be committed to being 100% authentic to who you are without compromising and you will attract someone into your life who loves and appreciates you for it.

Tune into the Higher Power

When we begin our journey of spiritual dating, we must remember the Higher Power that is within and surrounds us all. Connecting to that Higher Power and believing in it’s force in our lives will bring us all the peace and happiness we can imagine. Remember that everything comes from divine source, and we are all called to love one another.

When you approach a relationship from this standpoint you can find someone who is going to be right for you. Divine power is based in love, share you love with others and you will be guided to the right relationship. Above all else, remember the Higher Power that protects and loves us all.

Spiritual dating doesn’t have to be a difficult journey. We can all connect with our spirituality in order to find a great partner. By following these 5 main keys, you will feel more fulfilled, more guided, and more love in your spiritual relationships.

Use these keys to help you find someone who is exactly right for you.

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