4 Ways Successful People Thrive Despite of Stress

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Stress and success often have a thorny relationship.

Recent research teaches us that, the more stressed you are, the harder it is to achieve success and reach your goals.

On the other hand, the more successful you become, the higher the stakes and the pressure to perform and keep your position.

So how is it that some people can thrive and succeed despite of stress?

The answer could be in the 4 habits below they all seem to share.

Habit 1: They are calculative and know what to focus on.

“Any decision, big or small, goes through a mental process that gives rise to stress. Be it shopping, deciding on what to eat or making business or family decisions, it’s important to prioritise what is worth your time. By working on things that really count, you not only end up saving time but also emerge less stressed and more productive.

Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook fame) is well known for this, always wearing the same grey t-shirt of which he has an entire closet.

So were Steve Jobs, the genius behind the explosion of Apple.

Habit 2: They do not let their minds overpower them. 

Ordinary people are caught in a vicious circle of overthinking things that are of little or no relevance and allow their minds to overpower them. Successful people know how to move on after a bad day and not allow their thoughts to wander thinking about the uncontrollable. They are masters of their mind.

Successful people cultivate resilience and learn to quickly bounce back and move on instead of dwelling on negative feelings and frustrations.

Habit 3: They keep themselves occupied.

Successful people are always occupied. They keep themselves busy thinking about new ideas, predicting the future of their business, reading or playing sports. They avoid wasting time over loose talks and unnecessary socialising. They ensure that their time is used in the best possible way, which means they ensure that every day is more productive and happy.

Habit 4: Life is about sunshine and rain – Successful people are prepared for both.

Success lies in bringing out the positivity in any situation. A successful person is always well-prepared and shines no matter what the circumstances are.

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