4 Easy Mindful (And Affordable) Ways To Cope With Anxiety When It Strikes

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Anyone who has ever experienced anxiety and panic attacks knows how crippling they can be. Those stubborn and often irrational fears and feelings can easily creep at any moment and take over your life for hours, if not days, at a time if they are left unchecked.

To better help us cope with the issue and break out of this mental trap, Austin Farewell shared with the popular blog Dumb Little Man the top 3 ways he personally deals with anxiety – which I have summarized below.

But first, allow me to share my own favorite activity to copy with stress and anxiety which has seen a surge in popularity among adults all over the world for the past two years…

Method # 4: Coloring Books

This activity, no longer the domain of pre-schooler, is a form of active meditation that has recently been endorsed by numerous phsychologists and mental health professionals as an effective way to silence the internal chatter and calm the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Anyone interested in giving it a try can visit their local office furniture or bookstore, grab a box of colored pencils or markers, stock up on a wide variety of adult coloring books, and color away the blues on rainy days.

For more variety or for those with more specific tastes, Amazon offers a wide variety of adult coloring books that caters to various tastes and interests.

Method # 3: Journaling

In Austin’s own words:

One of my favorite ways to cope with anxiety is to write in my journal. It is an effective way to vent your feelings out and let go of them at the same time.

Journaling will also help you get to know yourself better. Writing in your journal will help you learn more about your thought patterns and can even help you change negative ways of thinking.

I couldn’t agree more that journaling is a powerful way to better understand our own subconscious patterns and the events that can influence or trigger your anxiety.

So when you head out to the bookstore to stock up on coloring books, why not also pick up a nice pen and journal that fits your personality and style.

Method # 2: Meditation

It’s no secret that stress, anxiety and panic attacks symptoms can often include physical sensations and feelings of being ill – ranging from headaches, nausea, hyperventilation, and even physical pain in the worst cases.

According to Austin’s personal experience, the best way to cope with those is through meditation:

It has helped me change the way I think and has helped me with some of the physical symptoms of my anxiety. For example, I often feel jittery or my heart will pound before entering a social situation, but if I meditate my jitters tend to disappear and my heart rate usually slows down.

Method # 1: Talking it out

Without a doubt the most effective and affordable (not to say completely free) way to cope with anxiety and panic attacks when they arise is to simply talk it out with a close friend or family member who supports you.

Talking to a close friend or family member is a lot like journaling, just with a person on the other end. The people closest to you are deeply about you and their words of encouragement are often all you need to get out of an anxiety funk.

To read more about the recommendations above and Austin’s personal experience dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, I recommend heading to the original article or visiting his personal blog for more related content.

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