3 Simple Ways To Make Your Life A Masterpiece

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I’m starting to learn that conscious living is in art and with that comes this realization that I’m the artist.

Everyday it’s up to me and only me (not my parents, spouse, friends, coworkers, or even strangers) to pick up that paint brush and create a masterpiece of a day.

If I consciously choose to have a negative day by getting mad at the car in front of me, picking a fight with a significant other for no reason, or being rude to a stranger then I’m subconsciously creating a life where cars are always cutting me off, my significant other doesn’t care enough about me, and a world where there are no good people left.

Painters don’t put black paint on their brush and expect to paint a rainbow. It’s just not possible.

The same goes for our lives.

Too many times we are the reason for our own bad days and we don’t even know.

What we don’t consciously realize is that when we sit in traffic and our mind starts idling with random thoughts we are creating our reality.

When I first heard this concept I wasn’t sold. I sincerely thought my reality is my reality. I didn’t question that what was happening around me could ever be effected by my thoughts.

I genuinely thought life was overlooking me and leaving me behind while others got to have immense success and abundance.

How silly of me.

Now that I’ve climbed over the fence that separated what I thought my reality was and what my real reality is I can not even imagine how in the hell I lived twenty two years of my life in that state of mind.

So what is the secret to creating a masterpiece of a life? Realizing that you’re the painter.

Let’s dive deeper.

1) Become an observer of your thoughts. A painter is in full control of what paint he puts on his brush and then on to his canvas. The same goes for us and our lives.

We can’t say “I will never amount to anything, success is for everyone else, I suck” day in and day out and expect that we’ll randomly stumble upon massive success and feel really good about ourselves. Most of the time we’re doing this without even realizing.

We’re playing a broken record in our head as we sit in traffic, at work, at the gym, or at the dinner table. Guess what? That record can be stopped. Right here, right now you can say-hey that record is not for me anymore I refuse to play it any longer.

Once you become an observer of your thoughts and you notice that you’re playing this crummy old record you become the artist. You can swap out that record for a shiny new one that plays “I am awesome. I am successful. I am passionate. I am a good person. I am genuine to who I am. I love my life.” all day long.

I bet you can guess what reality starts to form around you: a life where you are awesome, you are successful, you are a good person, you are genuine, and you actually like your life.

It’s so cool!

2) Be the person you wish you were. For some reason we create this future us in our head that has their life put together, always does the right thing, and has everything that we wish we had now. Why? I did this for awhile before realizing something epic – I can be that person today.

Maybe I can’t buy the car that I will be able to later in life but I can do everything that I would be doing if I was able to buy it. I can be the hard worker that I want to be, I can be the avid reader that I want to be, I can be the generous person that I want to be, I can be all of these things right here, right now.

If you’re the artist and you really want to use yellow paint and there’s yellow paint sitting right in front of you ready to be used wouldn’t you use it? By holding ourselves back from acting on the person we want to be it’s like we’re staring at the yellow paint and not letting ourselves use it even though it’s sitting right there ready to be used.

3) Don’t be so hard on yourself. All artists make mistakes and I bet you a good amount of them will tell you that sometimes their mistakes led them to creating a painting that they didn’t initially set out to paint or adding something to their masterpiece that they hadn’t realized had been missing.

So what you colored outside of the lines on accident? We all have slip ups and we’ll all have mistakes. Some huge mistakes. Some minor. Some that will sit with us for a few years. We have to do make a real effort to be okay with ourselves for making these mistakes because we can’t live in fear.

We have to be down to take risks and that all begins by being totally okay with failing. Be proud of your failures and use them to create something beautiful on your own personal life canvas.

If you sat down to paint something would you purposely make it ugly? Or would you put effort in to make it something original and beautiful?

Own your thoughts. Stop waiting for five years from now to be the person you want to be today. Never doubt yourself. Embrace all the colors that life gives you and then use them to create a beautifully epic masterpiece of a life.

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